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A correctly chosen air compressor is a guarantee of smooth and high-quality painting. You would be able to spray paint accurately and evenly.

Each air compressor works as a pump supplying air. It is accumulated in a receiver under high pressure and then directed to a spray gun through connectors.

Types of compressors

To choose the most suitable equipment, you should determine the kind of work to be done and the corresponding technical parameters. There are three main types among the huge variety of devices that are available on the market today.

Household models

These are relatively cheap tools. Most of them have a piston, a single cylinder, and a 20-25-liter receiver. They are great for the minor painting job. As a rule, the air flow reaches 130 l/m. Such compressors cannot be connected to professional pneumatic equipment. But it is quite possible to paint small parts slowly. Household models can also be used when working with airbrushes.

Semi-professional models

These are reliable and expensive tools that can come in handy when performing more serious tasks. There are two main types of semi-professional models:

  • Piston with a 50-liter receiver, direct drive or two cylinders, the air flow of 200-330 l/m, and pressure of 8 atmospheres
  • Piston with a 100-liter receiver, a single cylinder, a belt drive, the speed of 330 l/m, and the pressure of 10 atmospheres

Such devices can be used both in your home garage and for large-scale work. You can paint the whole side of a car at once. But such models can be overheated due to overload or long-term operation.

Professional models

These are the most expensive and reliable devices with thoughtful technological features, a receiver of over 200 liters, a belt drive, built-in filters for trapping oil and moisture and protecting the system from overheat. The air flow can be over 1300 l/m, and pressure is 10-16 atmospheres. These models easily cope with painting not only cars but also trucks. They are immune to overloads, which turns them into ideal assistants for professional painters.