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There are a plethora of ideas on how an air compressor can be used. These ideas can simplify your life, speed up household and construction work, make it more pleasant and comfortable. All applications are united by a single principle: air is pumped into gas cylinders under high pressure to power various tools. Let’s consider the most popular and helpful options.


Air compressors are extremely helpful to crafters, builders, and carpenters. Such devices can maintain the stable operation of jackhammer, sanders, grinders, and nailers (especially pneumatic versions since they are much lighter than industrial ones).


An air compressor is a great choice for a spray-painting project. Work on delicate details would become much easier, and you would get good-looking, accurate, and smooth designs.


There is no need to attract an auto master if you face a small repair task, for example, have to tune-up or install PCV valves. The most challenging thing is to remove bolts in zones that are too tight or have rusty components. This operation may be simplified greatly by using an air ratchet device paired with an air compressor. Several minutes would be enough to clear a work area.

Other applications

An air compressor is a universal household and industrial assistant. Apart from the above-mentioned uses, you can:

  • inflate balls, bike and car tires
  • remove dirt or leaves from your yard
  • clean stones, house sidings, and bricks
  • paint a fence
  • roof your house
  • power home appliances and equipment, as well as industrial instruments such as power hammers, saws, wrenches, and nailers

As you can see, the application area of air compressors is rather wide. They can work wonders in your house or on a building site. You just have to provide stable electricity. Why than complicate routine operations if everything may be that easy?
Are you considering the purchase of an air compressor? Here is a helpful tip: direct drive models are suitable for small operations, while industrial work is better done using a belt-driven or lubricated device.