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Requiring some pneumatic tools to be powered, solving your household or vehicle maintenance tasks, select the best 30 gallon air compressor that is an excellent choice. The capacity is sufficient for most of DIY works, due to large, reliable pre-attached wheels, the portability is outstanding, the prices are reasonable for any household. So, let’s highlight 5 reliable and popular 30 gal air compressors that are popular nowadays, offering you to select the one that meets your requirements and budget.

The Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor for 2021

Industrial Air ILA1883054: Top Rated 30 Gallon Air Compressor Suitable for Painting and other DIY Projects

Industrial Air ILA1883054

Industrial Air products are quite powerful for heavy-duty applications, for example, in a workshop, in a garage or in a farm. ILA1883054 is high-performance, providing great airflow. Coming with 2-cylinder, cast iron, perfect pump (oil-lubricated), aluminum head, 1.9 HP motor, the compressor is extremely durable and long-lasting. Due to belt-driven design, the airflow and pressure are perfectly adjustable.

It provides high-pressure output, max 155 PSI is a pretty good pressure for solving multiple household and hobby tasks. 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI is acceptable for various air tools operation. The compressor is flexible and easy-to-carry. It’s equipped with large, reliable tires, weighing 185 pounds, and can be moved within the house or garage easily.

Additionally, the unit is quite affordable for the quality. Therefore, the top rated 30 gallon air compressor is highly-demanded and popular. It is perfect by price-quality ratio, so I recommend this product to all homeowners, car enthusiasts and contractors.

  • durable
  • powerful
  • flexible
  • easy to transport
  • synthetic oil included
  • regulator is available
  • suitable for continuous operation (100% duty cycle)
  • affordable
  • quiet (80dB)
  • UL, CSA certified
  • not fast to fill the air tank
  • requires maintenance
  • not easy to access oil scavenge pump

NorthStar 389cc Air Compressor: An Incredibly Powerful, Gas Powered Unit

NorthStar 389cc Air Compressor

The compressor is not as affordable as the other products, so, let me initially figure out its key benefits:

  • 12 HP Honda GX390 motor
  • 175 PSI max output
  • 24.4 CFM @90 PSI
  • 1,300 RPM
  • 4-year warranty

Thanks to top-quality motor, piston, pump and the other parts, effective cooling system, the compressor is amazingly durable and solidly-built. Even the head is cast iron, ensuring long unit’s life. The compressor is high-performance and heavy-duty, designed for wide range of professional pneumatic tools.

The tank is ASME-certified, coming with weather-resistant finish. However, it’s of horizontal type, and weighing 379 pounds, so, the compressor is definitely not the most compact, lightweight or maneuverable. Meanwhile, I recommend it as the best 30 gallon air compressor for commercial and industrial applications, heavy-duty tools and continuous, longtime, construction, maintenance or renovation use.

  • heavy-duty
  • powerful
  • top-quality
  • reliable
  • versatile
  • belt-driven pump (adjustable)
  • low vibration
  • outstanding performance
  • 100% duty cycle
  • gas-powered
  • heavy-weight
  • no wheels
  • difficult-to-transport

DeWalt DXCMLA1983012: 30 Gallon Oil Free Air Compressor Recommended for Occasional Use

DeWalt DXCMLA1983012

The compressor is definitely the most affordable of top-quality devices, but it’s reliable, long-lasting, efficient and low-maintenance. Thanks to direct motor drive, it’s cost-efficient and able to operate at low temperatures. Therefore, it’s a great option for a garage or outdoor use, especially in winter.

Because of the patented Dewalt pump design, the unit is high-performance and durable. Its features are quite good for the devices of this capacity:

  • 1.9 HP
  • max 155 PSI
  • 6.0 CFM at 90 PSI

Additionally, the product is a quiet air compressor 30 gallon. It is lightweight, maneuverable and compact. It is wisely equipped with convenient wheels, weighing only 112 pounds, fully assembled and easy to use. The compressor is fast to fill, simple and efficient.

  • affordable
  • lightweight
  • easy to move, use and maintain
  • durable
  • cost-efficient
  • sturdy
  • not the best power and output
  • small footprint
  • not suitable for professional tools and continuous operation as some parts may burn out

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271: A Quiet Air Compressor 30 Gallon for Homeowners and Car Enthusiasts

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

The compressor is not expensive, but still powerful, well-designed and user-friendly. Therefore, it’s popular, coming with multiple 30 gallon air compressor reviews. Equipped with reliable wheels, cast iron key parts and single-stage pump, 3.7 HP motor, it still provides moderate performance:

  • max 135 PSI
  • 10.2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • 80% duty cycle

The noise level is specified as 8.7 dB, but it’s lower than the devices with aluminum heads produce. The pump life is impressive, featuring 5,000 hours. The unit is well-built, coming with robust wheels and good finish, but the parts and bolts issues are common, and only 1-year warranty is provided.

  • well-built
  • oil lubricated
  • easy to use
  • cast iron parts
  • affordable
  • portable versatile
  • not as powerful as the other, top-quality products
  • 1-year warranty
  • not recommended for industrial use

Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM: The Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor for Home Renovation and Garage Projects

Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM

The air compressor is specified as “garage mate”, as it’s user-friendly, reliable and well-designed. The pressure and performance features are typical for the devices of this capacity:

  • 2 HP
  • max pressure 135 PSI
  • 3450 RPM
  • 5.7 CFM @ 90 PSI

Weighing only about 185 pounds, due to large, well-built, dependable wheels, the compressor is perfectly portable and compact. It’s a quiet air compressor 30 gallon, producing only about 75-80 dB.

The tank, cylinder and frame are made of rust-free and strong, cast iron metal and the device is suitable for continuous operation, having 100% duty cycle. But the product rating is not high, as the key parts’ and bolts’ issues are common.

Meanwhile, the compressor is inexpensive, it’s user-friendly, portable and convenient, recommended for various DIY and professional applications, being essential for homeowners and car enthusiasts. It can easily power nail guns, sprayers, grinders, impact guns, sanders, etc.

  • easy to move
  • compact and portable
  • durable
  • quiet
  • good for continuous operation
  • not expensive
  • powerful enough for most of tools
  • one-cylinder pump
  • common parts issues, for example, leaking valve, poor oil drain plug
  • oil is not included
  • 1-year warranty

Buyers Guide

The best 30 gallon air compressor is a terrific choice for a home garage, vehicle service or DIY workshop. Weighing about 185-300 lbs, equipped with reliable, pneumatic, large wheels, the compressors are portable and maneuverable. Being not expensive, these units are excellent for homeowners and car enthusiasts, helping them to inflate low tires, maintain the vehicles or renovate the houses. The devices are excellent for occasional use and DIY applications.

Meanwhile, 30 gal air compressors are powerful and convenient for multiple home, office and garage projects. They are sufficient to power diverse pneumatic tools like finish sanders, nailers, impact wrenches or grinding mills. Just select the model that suits the best your tasks and budget.


Having studied numerous 30 gallon air compressor reviews, I’ve picked out 5 top-quality devices that are durable, reliable, quiet and well-built. They are user-friendly, portable and convenient.

Having tested the 5 air compressors, different by power, performance, price and functionality, I recommend each of them for various projects. For continuous use, construction, vehicle service application or being a contractor, select a high output, heavy-duty device that may be expensive and heavy-weight.

A budget version that is compact, user-friendly and lightweight, is the best for multiple DIY applications and occasional use. Additionally, gas-powered devices are cost-efficient. They are preferable for outdoor use, as they need no electric power and wiring.

Oil-free compressors are safe and low-maintenance as you don’t have to control the oil level, changing it repeatedly, and the motor issues are limited. However, using a unit of this kind, make some breaks to avoid its overheating and extend the compressor’s life.

I hope this review helps you to pick out the best air compressor, according to its application, future projects and the family budget.