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Air compressors are very durable. But still, their smooth operation depends on good maintenance. In particular, you should make sure your device has a high-quality oil film. Regularly lubricate running units according to the manufacturer’s instructions and purchase oil of reputable brands.

What oil do you need?

If an oil meets technical requirements, a compressor would be stable and long-lived. Reciprocating and screw air compressors require high viscosity oil. Do not use engine oil for them! This may damage the system and cause an emergency. With a wide range of oil types on the market, it is easy to find a suitable option.

For the first time, an air compressor should be refilled after 50-100 work hours. At the beginning of exploitation, harmful lubricant components are produced. It is important to remove them. All subsequent refilling procedures should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions or more often (if the load on the compressor is high).

Experts advise opening a canister as rarely as possible. Oxygen and atmospheric moisture significantly impair the quality of oil.

Oil refilling procedure

If you are going to refill oil in your air compressor, stick to the following recommendations:

  • Clean the compressor. Activate it for warming up and drain the oil. If there is no drain plug, remove oil remains using the level control device. Tilt the mechanism and let all waste out.
  • After draining, unscrew the lid of the piston chamber and thoroughly clean internal space. First, use a brush moistened with gasoline. Then rub surfaces with a cloth. Be sure to clean a check valve and an air filter. You should act very carefully to avoid contact with waste materials.
  • Pour fresh oil into a compressor through a special hole with a level gauge. The volume of new oil is determined based on the volume of old oil.
  • Do not turn on a device for about an hour after refilling.

The procedure is not difficult. The main thing is to use the oil that has been tested and recommended by the manufacturer of your compressor.