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Having purchased a pneumatic impact wrench for an auto repair service or home renovation application, you realize that the tool is really efficient and useful. It helps you to perform any tasks instantly, using the high torque energy, without any efforts. Meanwhile, the best compressor for impact wrench is still required to power it. Therefore, I would like to recommend you 9 reliable, lightweight, quiet and durable devices, ranking them from the smallest to the most powerful one.

The 9 Best Air Compressors for Impact Wrenches

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060 Silver: The Quietest and Affordable Compressor for Various Jobs

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060 SilverI recommend the compressor as it’s ultra-quiet, lightweight, but still powerful. The device produces only 56 dB, making really little noise. It is equipped with a low-maintenance, oil-free pump that enables use at both hot and cold temperatures. With only 1-gallon capacity, the compressor is easy to transport and operate.

Additionally, thanks to this smart compressor’s design, it requires less maintenance than the other devices. So, use it in a garage or at home, renovating the house. The 0.6 HP motor is pretty powerful, operating at 1680 RPM. It’s durable and high-performance, having an extended life cycle, standing up to 3000 hours more than its counterparts do.

Additionally, the air compressor stands out from the other products by design. The steel tank’s silver finishing looks really great. That’s why I recommend the product as the best air compressor for impact gun to be used anywhere, serving for years, requiring only a little maintenance. It’s also the best by price/quality ratio, being affordable and reliable.

  • quiet
  • lightweight
  • easy to operate
  • great for occasional use
  • powerful enough for minor tasks solving
  • doesn’t vibrate or get hot
  • attractive finish
  • not a heavy-duty unit
  • recommended for non-professional use only
  • the tank is being refilled every 60 seconds

Senco PC1010 Compressor: A Budget Option for a Variety of Crafts

Senco PC1010 CompressorLike the previous item, the air compressor is lightweight, portable and maneuverable. Coming with 1-gallon tank, it’s versatile, easy-to-carry. Due to aluminum tank, the device weighs only 20 pounds. Meanwhile, with the horsepower of 1 HP, the device is suitable for a small impact wrench.

Additionally, it is versatile, recommended for multifarious jobs, preferably, DIY home renovations, hobbies and crafts. It is lube-free, making no mess and virtually quiet, making only up to 73db when being operated. Therefore, I would recommend this product as the best cheap air compressor for impact wrench that is the most lightweight, small and perfectly portable.

  • lightweight aluminum tank
  • small
  • well-built
  • sturdy
  • versatile
  • efficient
  • quiet operation
  • easy to carry
  • recommended only for occasional jobs
  • not powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks completing
  • some pressure switch issues

Makita MAC700 Compressor: Big Bore, High-Performance Power Tool

Makita MAC700 CompressorBeing represented under the prestigious and famous brand, Makita power tools are known worldwide as reliable and durable ones. Thus, MAC700 is popular thanks to robust design and innovations implemented.

Its specialties that are large diameter piston and bore cylinder and large air filter ensure fast, safe and efficient operation. It is well-designed to withstand harsh working conditions. Low amp draw is beneficial for the motor, preventing the failures.

The pump is oil-lubricated, and it’s recommended to change the oil regularly to empower efficient cooling and lubricating processes and prolong the compressor’s lifetime.

The capacity is 2.6 gallon that makes the compressor not the largest, but still a high-performance device of this kind. 2.0 horsepower is sufficient for continuous operation and for professional tasks solving. Additionally, the tool is quiet for the dimensions and performance, producing 80 dB noise level.

The compressor may seem to be a bit expensive, but it’s energy-efficient, promoting energy bills reduction, durable and reliable. That’s why I recommend it as the best air compressor for impact wrench for continuous, everyday jobs, in a garage or at home.

  • improved performance thanks to larger diameter piston and bore cylinder
  • quiet pump operation
  • improved pump durability
  • reduced wear
  • fast work
  • thermal overload protection
  • requires oil lubricant
  • a bit higher price in comparison with the similar devices
  • heavy-weight

Dewalt DCC2560T1: Cordless, Heavy-Duty Compressor

Dewalt DCC2560T1The easily portable, cordless compressor that is equipped with an oil-free pump and brushless motor is portable and easy to store. Being equipped with a 2.5-gallon tank and heavy-duty reliable roll cage, it weighs only 21.5 pounds, ensuring perfect mobility. Thus, I guess, it is the smallest air compressor for impact wrench, really compact and convenient.

Therefore, it is powered by a lithium-ion battery, being really compact, with the dimensions that make 15*12*18 inches. The motor that runs at 3,400 RPM is quite quiet, making noise level up to 77 dB.

Additionally, the small and maneuverable compressor that provides adjustable pressure up to 135 bar, comes with 3-years warranty. Therefore, I guess, it is worth the price and advise it as the best compressor for impact wrench and hobby applications.

  • cordless
  • compact
  • excessive

Makita MAC2400: A Powerful, High-performance Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400The tool is very similar to MAC 700 compressor. It differs only by the automotive style construction, convenient and compact roll-cage, tank capacity. It comes with 2 tanks with the total capacity of 4.2 gallons. So, it’s suitable for longtime operation, being powerful and good for small-drive impact wrenches.

The basic performance such as the motor horsepower, RPM, noise level and durability is about the same as of the previous Makita model. However, it’s weight is 81 pounds, making it not very maneuverable and unsuitable for industrial use. Thus, it’s recommended for various home applications, for example, for impact wrenched.

  • powerful
  • quiet running
  • durable
  • fast
  • high-performance
  • reduced wear
  • heavy-weight
  • awkward design
  • a bit excessive price

Porter-Cable PCFP02003: A Heavy-duty, but Compact, Lightweight and Affordable Compressor

Porter-Cable PCFP02003Quite naturally, the compressor stands out from the other products by design and color, looking like a red pancake. Meanwhile, it’s reliable, powerful, easy to use, store and maintain. It comes with an oil-free pump, 3.5-gallon tank, being stable, but still pretty lightweight and compact.

It weighs only 26 pounds, delivers max pressure of 135 PSI, being suitable for longtime operation, recovering quickly and making no mess. However, it’s not the quietest, generating 82 dB, but it’s portable, versatile and top-quality. So, I recommend it as the best air compressor for impact wrench, for home improvement applications and light automotive jobs.

  • powerful (high PSI)
  • fast-recovering (recharging)
  • durable
  • made in the USA
  • versatile
  • portable and compact
  • affordable
  • fragile plastic manifold parts
  • top-heavy design
  • a bit loud operation
  • unsuitable for professional grade automotive impact wrenches

Porter-Cable C2002: A Large-capacity, Heavy-duty Air Compressor

Porter-Cable C2002The compressor is more powerful than the previous products highlighted within these air compressor for impact wrench reviews. The capacity is 6 gallons. Its max pressure is 150 psi, ensuring longtime operation. Additionally, it’s fast-recovering, suitable for continuous operation.

The compressor designed for simultaneous 2 users work, being supplied with 2 air couplers that are factory installed and easily adjustable. Thus, the device is a bit more than just a small compressor, being suitable for more serious work, but still not for industrial applications. Meanwhile, the device is relatively compact, portable and lightweight. It is top-heavy, so take care, moving it along your house.

Being fast-recovering, the unit is designed to operate every 45 minutes within an hour, requiring 15-minute breaks. It is portable and maneuverable, but quite loud, producing 82dB. But it’s long-lasting, well-built, so I recommend the compressor for the special jobs that exceed hobby ones, but still not heavy-duty, professional applications.

  • 6-gallons tank
  • portable
  • affordable
  • durable
  • powerful
  • fast to recover
  • well-built
  • easy to use
  • a bit noisy
  • some parts are made of plastic
  • the drain valve is recommended to be checked and tightened before use
  • common regulator issues

Dewalt DWFP55126: The Largest, Highly Efficient Compressor

Dewalt DWFP55126The 6-gallon capacity compressor is powerful enough for a wide range of professional tasks solving. Producing sufficient pressure up to 165 PSI, it I recommended for workshops, automotive stations and home repair rooms. I guess, it’s the largest and the most powerful unit among all products that are highlighted within this air compressor for impact wrench reviews’ article.

The device is good enough for impact wrenches up to 1/2” in diameter, but only for the small ones and for occasional, infrequent use. It meets 2.2-2.5 CFM air flow velocity requirements. Thanks to the high-capacity tank, the operators complete more operations before short breaks for the compressor for pumping air.

The pancake design is beneficial for medium-sized compressors. Being quite powerful, the tool is easy to store and portable, not too heavy and relatively quiet.

The unit’s weight is about 30 pounds, and it produces only about 76 dB. The pump is low-maintenance, able to run in cold weather. Additionally, couplers and regulators are included, the air compressor is equipped with rubber leg covers. That’s why I recommend it as the best air compressor for impact wrench, up to 1/2” in diameter that is perfect for multiple works.

  • well-built and top-quality
  • it lets you work for longer
  • large-capacity tank
  • quiet for the size and performance
  • easy to carry and portable
  • durable
  • can support two users
  • made in the USA
  • stable
  • not suitable for industrial purpose impact wrenches
  • common regulator and pressure gauge issues
  • air hose may be absent in the package

California Air Tools 5510SE: Ultra Quiet Rust-free Compressor

California Air Tools 5510SELet’s welcome another perfect product from California Air Tools Company. It is equipped with 5.5-gallon tank made of steel and aluminum. Therefore, the tank is rust-free, ensuring the perfect durability and long compressor’s life. Additionally, a reliable wheel kit is available, so, the unit is portable and easy-to-carry.

The 1.0 HP motor is pretty powerful, but ultra-quiet, producing only about 60 dB. The oil-free pump is high-performance and low-maintenance. Its duty cycle is increased, allowing 3000 plus hours of continuous, everyday work. Meanwhile, running at 1680 RPM, the device is designed only for medium and minor DIY tasks, both indoors and outdoors, under a variety of temperatures.

  • high performance
  • ultra quiet
  • pressure up to 120 PSI
  • large tank capacity
  • increased durability and lifetime
  • fast and versatile
  • convenient Wheel Kat
  • low maintenance
  • good for continuous operation
  • easy to carry and store
  • top-heavy
  • not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • not the most lightweight unit
  • no water separator

Buyers Guide

Pneumatic, or air-powered tools, including impact wrenches, are incredibly effective and fast-running. Compressed air is beneficial form of energy that is safe and versatile. It facilitates and accelerates multiple jobs, for example, in construction, auto repair, DIY, hobby, maintenance, craft projects.

With traditional tools, complex and continuous tasks solving would be virtually impossible. Additionally, being electric-powered, they generate heat, having some fire hazard. Thus, using electricity, gas or diesel as the source of power on industrial sites is completely prohibited. It would be inefficient, dangerous and exhausting for the workers.

Meanwhile, the best air compressor for impact wrench that is smaller than professional and industrial-grade ones, are still very beneficial. They are versatile, being used for a wide range of household, automotive, repair applications. They are recommended even for minor and medium tasks solving, as air-powered impact wrenches:

  • last longer
  • have adjustable speed
  • run cooler
  • reduce operator’s fatigue
  • have no shock or fire hazards

Unfortunately, air leak issues with dissimilar air compressors are quite common due to regulator or pressure gauge adjustment complications. Meanwhile, the air is fresh and completely safe, containing no harmful contaminants. Thus, using air compressors at home, on sites, in garages or workshops, reduces and eliminates air contamination, fire and electric shock risks, streamlining any task completion.

The Basic Parameters

Having studied a lot of air compressor for impact wrench reviews, I realize that these devices are really complex. Meanwhile, knowing their technical details and performance, you can pick out the suitable one.

Having got a pneumatic impact wrench that is 1/8” or ½” in diameter, I can match it with the proper device that is to be fast and powerful enough. Thus, the minimum pressure for DIY tools, minor or medium tasks is 90 PSI. The required air flow may be not less than 4 or 5 CFM, depending on the wrench’s diameter.

Consider also the other factors, such as:

  • durability
  • portability
  • tank capacity
  • price

The best air compressor is equipped with a rust-free tank made of aluminum or steel. Using oil-free devices is recommended if you are to complete only occasional jobs within the house or in a garage. Additionally, an increased duty cycle is necessary when you are sure that you’ll use the tool for many years.

High-capacity tanks such as 5.5 or 6-gallon ones are essential for continuous work that lasts for hours. Finally, the portability matters when the impact wrenches are used all around the garage or workshop. Thus, to use the compressor every day, select the powerful unit of the highest capacity, durable and, therefore, more expensive ones. For occasional use and minor tasks, small and affordable one could be ok. However, I recommend only the reliable products from the reputed brands: top-quality, safe and convenient.

What Kind of Air Compressor Do I Need for an Impact Wrench?

Several types of compressors are available on the market nowadays, such as:

  • stationary and portable
  • of dissimilar tank capacities
  • of various styles

I guess, the best air compressor for impact wrench is to be selected, according to the applications and the tasks to be solved. I recommend only the small devices herewith that are suitable for DIY and minor jobs within your home, garage or during some maintenance works. That’s why I highlight only portable and cordless compressors that are compact, easy to store and carry.

Thus, knowing the compressor’s range and frequency of use, power requirements, determine the suitable air flow and pressure as the basic characteristics to rely on. Additionally, there are several dissimilar portable compressors’ styles, including:

  • hand carry
  • hotdog
  • pancake
  • pontoon
  • stacker
  • horizontal portable

The best compressor for impact wrench that is designed for non-professional operation, comes with 1-6-gallon capacity tanks, being mainly hotdog or pancake by design. The devices that are horizontally orientated are beneficial as stable and well-balanced ones.

How Much Pressure and Air Flow is Necessary for the Available Impact Wrench?

Most of the impact wrenches for homeowners and car enthusiasts run on 85 or 90 PSI. Only industrial-grade tools that are equipped with large drives (more than 1” in diameter) need more pressure to run optimally. The parameters are specified by the impact wrenches’ manufacturers.

If the pressure is exceeded, the tools’ components may be damaged, and it will reduce the impact wrench’s life. Additionally, I may cause some dangerous situations when the parts like wheels or burrs are compromised while being in use.

Meanwhile, the tools that are under-pressured, running at lower pressure than they are designed for, commonly underperform.

The air flow rate necessary for the best air compressor for impact wrench commonly makes 3-4 CFM. This parameter depends on the impact wrench’s drive diameter, being suitable for 1/8”-1/2” tools. Larger wrenches consume more air.

Quite naturally, it depends mainly on the tank volume. However, always pick out the device of greater capacity and power than your impact wrench needs. Additionally, don’t use reducers, but select the hose of the proper diameter. Experiencing any difficulties in calculations, consult a sales assistant or an engineer.


I have reviewed the best air compressors for impact wrenches herewith. All of them are not large and not suitable for industrial or heavy-duty applications. Meanwhile, being a house owner or car enthusiast, using the impact wrench for occasional maintenance and repair works, select 1-2.6-gallon capacity device that is lightweight, affordable and maneuverable.

However, for medium and semi-professional tasks solving and continuous operation, pick out a larger, powerful air compressor, equipped with 3.5-6-gallon tank. Pay attention to the pump type and horsepower rating, design, durability and noise level. I recommend you the devices from the reliable brands like Dewalt, Makita or Porter-Cable, California Air Tools and Senco. Select one of them according to the future application and the existing impact wrench to complete all of your renovation, maintenance or auto repair tasks easily.