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The best 60 gallon air compressor is necessary for various jobs completing in business or home workshop. It helps you inflate tires, repair a car or build a new private house. Being used with powerful pneumatic tools such as nail guns, drills, impact wrenches, hammers, ratchets, it accelerates and streamlines car maintenance, construction or renovation works serving for 5-10 years, at least.

However, it’s essential to select a user-friendly, convenient, quiet and safe-to-operate top rated 60 gallon air compressor according to its future application and the available tools’ characteristics. I hope, this review helps you to select the suitable device according to your needs and budget.

The 5 Best 60 gallon air compressor reviews 2021

Industrial Air ILA4546065: 4.7 HP, Heavy-Duty Air Compressor for Occasional Use

Industrial Air ILA4546065

Requiring a heavy-duty, capacious device, to power your available pneumatic tools, consider purchasing of ILA4546065 compressor that is powerful, durable and heavy-duty. Coming with the tank made of steel, cast iron parts, for example, flywheel, the device is reliable and long-lasting. It is suitable and recommended even for industrial applications, such as for contractors, workshops, vehicle service stations.

The compressor’s features are impressive:

  • 3 cylinders
  • pump lubricated by synthetic oil
  • 4.7 HP motor
  • maximum pressure 155 PSI

Providing 14 CFM air at 90 PSI, the device is really efficient. Aluminum head prevents overheating, Swedish reed valve is durable, silencers and filters are large and powerful. Meanwhile, being extremely powerful, the compressor is still compact and convenient. Thanks to vertical design, it is easily transportable, user-friendly. 287-pound weight is quite tolerable for the compressor’s capacity. Additionally, producing 80 dB, the device is pretty quiet.

The synthetic oil is included in the parcel, as well as a 6-foot cord. So, I recommend the unit as the best 60 gallon air compressor for occasional, heavy-duty use, as it is powerful, user-friendly and durable.

  • heavy-duty
  • high-capacity
  • durable
  • reliable
  • compact
  • equipped with a cord
  • comes with synthetic oil
  • made in the USA
  • strong
  • no wire to connect the compressor to the breaker box
  • not the most affordable
  • may require breaks

Dewalt DXCMV5076055: The Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor for Home Garage

Dewalt DXCMV5076055

Coming with 5 HP motor, the device is heavy-duty and powerful, designed for industrial applications, but not for continuous operation. Its duty cycle is 50%, the same as the previous product has. Thus, the compressor can be used on construction sites, in garages or for renovation jobs, but it requires some breaks.

The compressor’s performance and capacity are high:

  • max 175 PSI
  • 15.3 SCFM at 100 PSI
  • 767 RPM

The pump is patented, originally made of -designed, cooler running, having low RPM for long operation. The flywheel is cast iron, the piston is unique by design, so, it makes the compressor’s operation consistent and efficient, extending its life.
Meanwhile, the compressor is low-noise, compact, convenient to transport (thanks to 4 holes in the platform), but not the most lightweight. 400 pounds are not much, but it’s not the key benefit of a quiet 60 gallon compressor.

Thus, I guess the Dewalt compressor is quite powerful, high-capacity and durable. It can be recommended for various applications, including industrial ones and long-run pneumatic tools like sanders, cutters and ratchets, as the compressor handles large loads easily.

  • strong
  • heavy-duty
  • two-stage unit
  • low-RPM pump
  • unique design for increased durability and performance
  • great overheating protection
  • holes in the platform for portability
  • compact design
  • not the most lightweight
  • not designed for continuous use

PowerMate Vx PLA3706056: The Quietest 60 Gallon Air Compressor for DIY and farm applications

PowerMate Vx PLA3706056

The unit is very affordable, but top-quality, very good for DIY, farm and household applications. Coming with 3.7 horsepower motor and twin cylinders, the compressor is still powerful. The max pressure is 155 PSI, sufficient for various tools and multifarious tasks completing, including industrial ones.

As all reliable manufacturers ensure, the basic parts such as flywheel and cylinder are cast iron. The reed valves are produced from stainless steel. The head made of aluminum is beneficial for fast cooling, overload protection.

Meanwhile, the compressor is pretty compact and lightweight. Its dimensions and weight indicators (247 pounds) are less than of the previously reviewed items. Providing 11.5 CFM at 90 PSI, it is convenient and quiet. The basic 60-gallon air compressor reviews don’t contain the detailed noise level information, unfortunately. Meanwhile, it’s declared as 83 dB under outdoor use, but I have tested it and measured it as 75 DB at 2-meter distance. According to my personal feeling, it’s the quietest unit.

So I recommend it for DIY use and craftsmanship. It is pretty affordable, so, if the increased capacity and motor power are not crucial for you, just take the chance.

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • affordable
  • heavy-duty
  • thermally stable
  • the oil lubricant is available
  • top-quality
  • a regulator would be helpful
  • no additional components are included
  • single-stage

Quincy QT-54: 2-stage, Powerful Compressor Suitable for Outdoor and Continuous Use

Quincy QT-54

Increased power of 5 HP motor, high pressure of 145-175 PSI and 1310 pump RPM aren’t the basic distinctive features of the air compressor. The first two products come with the similar, perfect performance and capability. However, Quincy Qt-54 unit is good even for continuous use. Its100 duty cycle is 100%, requiring no durable break intervals. Additionally, it’s gas-powered, so it may be safely used outdoors or in a garage.

Quite naturally, the air compressor is noisy, but the noise level is specified as 75 dB. The real figures according to the tests are 82-84 dB. Meanwhile, the device is quite durable, coming with aluminum head cast iron cylinder, it’s durable and reliable. The pump is to stand 30,000 hours of operation. Additionally, it’s cost-efficient, safe and functional. Therefore, I can call this product the best 60 gallon air compressor for home garage as it’s gas-powered, suitable for tires inflation and multiple maintenance or vehicle repair operations.

  • powerful and industrial grade
  • industrial-duty, Baldor motor, made in the USA
  • durable pump
  • splash lubrication system
  • 100% duty cycle
  • gas powered and cost-efficient
  • easy to use
  • minimal vibration
  • loud
  • heavy-weight (460 pounds)

Industrial Air ILA3606056: The Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor for the Money and a Budget Option

Industrial Air ILA3606056

The air compressor is affordable, but still top-quality, powerful and good enough for industrial use. Therefore, it’s very popular, coming with multiple 60-gallon air compressor reviews.

Its features are sufficient for professional applications:

  • 3.7 HP motor
  • max pressure – 155 PSI
  • 11.5 CFM @ 90 PSI

The unit is equipped with twin cylinders, switch and pressure gauge, being durable and stable in operation. Thus, the 60 gallon vertical air compressor is suitable for powering various pneumatic tools like hammers, ratchets, nail guns, impact wrenches. It is good for professional workshops, but just excellent for diverse DIY and auto repair applications.

  • affordable
  • powerful
  • durable
  • good for professional use
  • heavy-duty
  • fast
  • compact
  • valves made of stainless steel
  • splash-type, lubricated pump
  • lightweight
  • single-stage
  • no regulator is included
  • some gasket issues are possible
  • a bit noisy
  • after cooler system is absent, so the compressor heats up

Buyers Guide

When it goes about an air compressor 60 gallon capacity is essential to ensure the greatest reliability and convenience of works. Commonly, two-stage devices are preferable for heavy-duty applications, being more powerful, providing higher max. pressure.

Additionally, consider the basic features and benefits, such as:

  • reliability
  • motor power
  • ease of use and maintenance
  • the brand

The key parts such as the pump, head, motor made in the USA and of the strong metals are distinctive features of reliable and top-quality, just the best 60 gallon air compressors that serve for years. The difference between 3 and 5 HP is essential to make the works faster and increase their efficiency. The brand and the warranty also matter.

Meanwhile, large and efficient compressors are commonly oiled. They are perfectly durable, but need regular maintenance. Picking out the quietest 60 gallon air compressor is essential for indoor use while gas-powered devices are preferable for outdoor or garage use.

Useful Tips on Wiring a 60 Gal Compressor

Most of heavy-duty compressors work on 240V. So, the device is to be connected to a circuit breaker before use. Having decided to wire the air compressor by yourself, prepare some tools and materials, such as:

    • screwdriver
    • pliers
    • cable
  • receptacle
  • staples and black, electrical tape

Before you start working, the circuit breaker is to be off. Then, follow the instructions:

  1. Add a 240V breaker on the board
  2. Mount the receptacle on the wall
  3. Unscrew the receptacle’s faceplate and loosen the screws
  4. Connect one end of the cable to the receptacle
  5. Loop black, green and white wires around the terminal screws correspondingly and tighten them
  6. Run the cable and put it inside the panel
  7. Cut away the sheathing with pliers and route the wires
  8. Insert the wires’ tips into the terminal screws and tighten them
  9. Install the receptacle and test the connection

Make sure, you mark apart the power, N and ground wires. Otherwise, hire a certified electrician.


Having studied numerous 60 gallon air compressor reviews and having tested the 5 best devices I realize that the basic benefits to look for are reliability and durability. The reputable brands ensure the perfect compressors’ design, using only the best key parts. A quiet air compressor 60 gallon is necessary for indoor use, that is, for the house renovation applications.

On the contrary, a gas-powered device is recommended for outdoor use as it does not need wiring and can be transported to another location. As to the capacity and power, it’s important to streamline the works, making them even more efficient. If it’s not principal, for example, for house owners or car enthusiast, an affordable compressor can be acceptable, meeting the basic pneumatic tools powering requirements.