RealNeedIt is a site about technology devices. We first appeared on the Internet in 2017, and since then, we continue to work daily for your pleasure. We profess a unique approach to the study of all materials. Here you will not find advertisements for various boring units or reviews directly copied from the device’s press releases. We ourselves write only about what we are interested in, and we do it as brightly and fully as possible. Our vast experience in the market allows us to freely express our point of view on certain products, comparison of tools, ratings of the best models available, and questions regarding the garage and repairs. Often the point of view of our writers is controversial or openly provocative, which leads to lively discussions – during which, as you know, truth is born. Our readers share our values ​​(honesty and openness without regard to ranks and advertising budgets), which we are sincerely proud of.

Why trust realNeedIt?

  • We write about devices/tools that we use ourselves
  • In-depth technical analysis
  • Many years of experience
  • The articles are equally interesting for both professional audience and ordinary visitors
  • We publish not only the most detailed reviews of new gadgets, but we conduct a comparative analysis of models, publish analytical materials about the repairs market
  • Unlike other resources, we do not borrow materials but publish only original articles
  • Our readers get access to the primary data, which is the most relevant
  • The materials on the site are constantly updated and changed, which allows not only correcting errors but also adding the most relevant information

Out team

James Patterson – Founder/Author

Our founder James Patterson has always been around car repair. You see, his father was fond of the same ailment that he did. This is a mixture of “if I work hard for others, I will certainly be able to build and manage my own business,” and “a car repair business is a good mixture of technological and mechanical tasks that interest me for a long time.”

The author is a car enthusiast and, for a long time, worked as a car mechanic in Los Angeles: in N T Auto Repair and Hana Auto Service. Soon he decided to share his experience with people on the net. Today his activity consists of publishing garage and auto-related materials and restoring rare cars.

Rickey Boyles – Author

Rickey spent his entire life on home improvement projects as a son of a cabinet maker. Some of the things Boyles has done is hung drywall, roofed a house, laid ceramic tile, and sweated joints. He understands home improvement and brings his knowledge and understanding of the industry to this position. Our author has many years of experience in the field of customer service and the management of home improvement companies and their teams.

Rickey loves spending time with his family and friends and spends many hours mastering his articles concerning the repair of housing and commercial premises.